About us

Gekoko Inc. was established in 2006 by Takayuki Nishimura.

Takayuki, with an experience of working in the trading sector of a Japanese tool manufacturer, had ample knowledge of how products get circulated and distributed around the world.

After being in charge of international operations at the manufacturer, he was ready to introduce the high-quality, stylish American products to the Japanese market via the Internet.

Gekoko Inc. is now happy to introduce to you in America – the amazing made-in-Japan products that are excellent in design, shape and features. 

We are especially excited to be the exclusive agent for "100%" (https://100per.com/) in the United States. Sharing the same core value of providing happiness and pleasure to our customers together with "100%," we will both strive to provide high-quality items at the right price.

We at Gekoko Inc. believe that we all should surround ourselves in rich and beautiful atmosphere at all time, from living quarters such as our houses, our environments, and even to our travel experiences.

We promise to make a continuous effort to enrich your environment to create an ideal atmosphere for you.