100 Percent

Concept of "100%"


Creating Unwavering Values by Devoting Ourselves in Pursuit of "100%"


"100%" and "absoluteness" may be in the divine realm and not something humans can achieve. Aiming to achieve "100%" and getting close to it, however, inspires us and leads us to unwavering values. We thus trust our instincts in shaping our products just as our inspiration tells us, cutting excess off and simply devoting ourselves in pursuit of "100%." Commercialization is not our goal — we continue to seek something that awakens latent demands through improvements and changes.


"100%" Corporate Philosophy


Through genuine craftsmanship, we at "100%" wish to make our customers happy by providing happiness and pleasure of having and using our products.


First of all, we only create what we truly wish to create. This strong desire is essential when it takes a long, long time to develop a completely new technology or manufacturing method with support from associate companies and manufacturing plants. We always strive to make our customers happy through continuous unwavering, genuine craftsmanship and providing high-quality items at the right price.


We also believe in the necessity of thoughtful and frequent communication — throughout our process of production, sales and customer service. We thus strive to establish smooth communication among ourselves as well as with everyone else outside of our company. We believe our continuous effort will one day lead to our customers saying "100% indeed IS the best." All of us at "100%" share high level of awareness daily in order to become such respectable brand.


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